Smells Like Carrots

Hana Banks
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Hello! I'm Hana, a seventeen year old girl from Austin, Texas. I live with my five cats: Aidan, Sonja, Mister, Patchy, and Sneaks. I love cats. :D Besides my cats, I have a hedgehog named Dexter, an opossum named Ben, and several raccoons. I speak German well enough to get by and I'm learning Russian, so feel free to post in either language (go easy with the Russian, though). I'll be using this journal for a lot of random crap, but mostly for posting my icons.

My Icons: I use so many textures and tutorials that I can hardly credit them all, but if you create something I use and I don't give you credit, feel free to correct my error. : ) Right now I mainly use the lovely textures of iconographer, misarte, bitterendings, and inxsomniax; sometimes I use yunhe and Sarah-Dipity. I like to take my own screencaptures, but RockSteady Graphics supplies most of my Boosh fuel.